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On-demand IP-to-ISDN Bridging Service

On-demand IP-to-ISDN Gateway Service

Do you have an IP-based videoconferencing system but want to connect with an ISDN-based system, which are still in use by government, military, law enforcement, and many others worldwide? We can make the connection for you with On-demand pay-as-you-go worldwide IP-to-ISDN bridging (H.323 to/from H.320 up to PRI T1 Speed). Use it whenever you want and pay for only the time you use. We assign you a number for the duration of your call. This servive requires advance reservation, preferably with 24 hours’ notice, so don't wait until the last minute.

Call us, and we will connect the IP and ISDN-based videoconferencing systems manually as needed to bridge these systems together with voice, video, and data. Please provide us with the IP address and ISDN number of the system(s) that you want us to connect. We will perform a site test on each to confirm connectivity so that you can rest assured that you get what we promised. In order for us to perform this test, you need to complete our online registration form and submit it to us by fax or email.

Do you want a demo of our capabilities? Please complete our online Sign-up for a Free Demo form, and we will show you the quality and value we deliver. If you have already decided to sign up for one of our video services, please complete our Registration Form. 

We offer both dial-in and dial-out service. We can also automate the dialing process to allow you to connect seamlessly to each other without the need for scheduling the connection each time. We have extensive knowledge, global ISDN connectivity, and a hands-on understanding from dealing with equipment from a variety of manufacturers on a daily basis. We understand the global dimension and have only one goal in mind —to deliver value and assure flawless audio and video delivery for you.

Pricing Formula:

Bridging Fee: $60 per hour per site, plus
ISDN site long distance charges, if we dial out:

-Continental United States: $32.40 per hour with 384kbps call speed

-International ISDN Long Distance Rate Sheet


The ISDN site dials into our bridge for a onetime fee of $89 per conference

  • Example 1:
    For a 2-hour call between an IP and ISDN Site, we dial out via ISDN to a U.S. domestic site:  2 sites x $60 x 2 hours = $240 + ISDN Long Distance @ 2 hours x $32.40 = $304.80
  • Example 2:
    For a 4-hour call between an IP and ISDN site, when the ISDN site dials into our bridge from anywhere worldwide:
    2 sites x $60 x 4 hours = $480 + $89 for assigning a dedicated ISDN dial-in number = $569
  • Example 3:
    For a 90-minute call between 2 IP and 1 ISDN sites: We dial out via ISDN to a US Domestic site:
    3 sites x $60 x 1.5 hours + ISDN Long Distance @ 1.5 hours x $32.40 = $318.60

Calls scheduled and confirmed but cancelled within 24 hours of conference time incur a $175 cancellation fee. Technical support exceeding 30 minutes incurs a $175 per hour technical assistance fee. These fees reimburse us for the time and effort involved in getting your call scheduled, tested, and confirmed.

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