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Global Virtual ISDN Service

Do you have an IP based videoconferencing system from, for example, Polycom, LifeSize, Sony, Cisco/ Tandberg, Radvision, or other H.323-compatible videoconferencing system, yet still need to dial ISDN videoconferencing sites or receive calls from them on a regular basis? Then this service is for you.

We assign you a dedicated US ISDN number: No scheduling or reservation required. We do not share your number with anyone; it is dedicated only to your videoconferencing system.

This service adds ad-hoc, unscheduled, and global ISDN dialing and receiving capabilities to your IP based videoconferencing system without the need to invest in ISDN hardware or get ISDN lines installed in your offices. We call it our virtual ISDN service—all the features without the price tag, and much more flexibility.

Here's how it works

We assign you a permanent ISDN direct inward-bound dialing number. That number will have the 240 area code and is dedicated to your videoconferencing system. You can give that number to sites with an ISDN videoconferencing system. ISDN sites call that number and get directly connected to you over IP. Nothing changes for them. They simply call the number that you give them, so there is no learning curve for them.

This service is available continuously 24/7/365 and allows your IP-based videoconferencing unit to receive and make ISDN calls of up to 384kbps = 6 ISDN channels or 3 ISDN BRI lines. We can also customize this service to offer 512kbps, 768kbps, and even full ISDN PRI speed-dialing capabilities of 1472kpbs.

Not only can you forego installing dedicated ISDN lines, but also this service allows you to disconnect your existing ISDN lines making your equipment mobile; it can now be rolled to different videoconferencing rooms within your building or even moved to another location and work wherever there is IP/Internet access for the VTC equipment. That's because your IP-based videoconferencing system does not need a static IP address. Our service works with both dynamic and static IP addresses. So our service works even with roll-about carts for use in various places within your offices, buildings, or anywhere in your organization.

Technically speaking, your videoconferencing traffic travels to one of our multiple IP-to-ISDN gateways, which converts your IP audio, video, and data to ISDN and sends it over traditional ISDN lines to the other party and vice versa. But this is nothing you need to worry about. Your IP-based system makes and receives an IP call, and the ISDN system makes and receives an ISDN call, so neither has to make any changes. Whether your ISDN-based system uses ISDN BRI or ISDN PRI E1 or T1 lines, it does not pose a problem. Our service works with all of them.

We have multiple IP-to-ISDN gateways with multiple ISDN PRI lines that are located in Tier1 datacenters with redundant power supplies, operating 24-7, on 365 days a year. This also makes our service much more reliable than dedicated ISDN BRI or PRI service from your phone company.

To make this work, your videoconferencing unit needs to be registered to our gatekeeper which requires UDP Port 1719 to be open, This allows communication both inbound and outbound between our static gatekeeper IP address and your VTC unit. It tells our ISDN gateway that your videoconferencing unit is up and running and that it can relay calls accordingly. This is a standard feature of almost every videoconferencing system that we have ever come across. We take care of everything else.

Our service also supports AES H.235 encryption for added security to put your mind at ease. We do not store your data; we just transcode it in real time and send it on. Your systems negotiate directly with each other to guarantee the best audio and video algorithm and H.239 data connectivity.


There is a monthly fee of $189 for this service as well as an initial one-time $250 signup fee, which covers assistance with setup and testing and discourages one-time use. This fee also gives you unlimited free incoming calls from anywhere, any time. Outbound calls are subject to the ISDN long distance charges of $32.40 for a 384kbps ISDN call within the continental United States. For a complete global ISDN long distance price list, see the International ISDN Long Distance Rate Sheet

This service is a more cost-effective choice than having your own dedicated ISDN lines because your outgoing calls over ISDN count as long-distance calls. When you use our service, we pay the phone bill to the provider. We were able to negotiate better rates with the ISDN long distance carriers since we buy thousands of minutes a month. That's why the rates we offer you are likely to be lower than you can get for yourself.

To sign up, simply complete the Online Registration Form. Once we receive your completed form, we will contact you to set up your service and assign you a dedicated ISDN number. If we cannot make this service work for you, then there is no charge for our efforts. Due to the large number of inquiries, we can only respond to inquiries that come to us via our Online Registration Form. Once we respond, we can complete the entire process in minutes have you or your customer making and receiving ISDN calls from their IP based videoconferencing unit (or vice versa) today.