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Why use a Private Cloud?

UCMojo™ Private Cloud and Web Collaboration Platform©

What’s the difference between a private cloud and a public cloud?   

  • Security
  • Redundancy
  • Quality
  • Private Connectivity Options
  • Additional Features
  • Dedicated Support
  • The Written Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Do you know where your data is being stored? 

It’s at the Gannett Headquarters in McLean, Virginia; in Silver Springs, Maryland; and at the IO Datacenter in Phoenix, Arizona. These are three of the several redundant datacenters that power our UCMojo and other services that were built upon a national core network designed to sustain data center outages, power outages, regional disasters, server and database outages, as well as carrier link outages, with no loss of data or service. Wherever possible, we have implemented geographic separation and redundancy, including core switching, virtual firewall stacks, and multi-device cascading to eliminate any single point of failure. We monitor our devices, servers, services, and locations continously 24/7/365. Staff is available on-site and remotely to immediately address any issues and to assist our end users and customers whenever needed.

We have partnered with one of the leading media companies in the United States, the Gannett Corporation. The Gannett Corporation has built a nationwide network of connected data centers that are built from the ground up for geographic load balancing, failover and redundancy. Your service is provided from secured locations in McLean, Virginia; Silver Springs, Maryland; and Phoenix, Arizona. This means your data will never leave the United States. We offer a written Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. We take service and security seriously. 

What’s special about UCMojo Private Cloud?

In short, UCMojo private cloud provides the best quality, security, and redundancy for the ultimate in reliability. Couple this with more hands-on support, and you have a perfect platform. Our Private Cloud provides an enterprise-grade infrastructure without the burden of ownership, has superior support and easy mobility to access data at any time from any place. 

Our 2 cents—How UCMojo compares to other video conferencing providers 

UCMojo easily outperforms WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, and iMeet in quality, features, stability, price, and the list goes on and on. We simply offer the best solution at the best value with flat fee pricing. For as little as $14.99 per month per user account, UCMojo offers unlimited video, data, and telephone conferencing with up to 25 users. Our competitors charge for telephone dial-in or do not offer a simple flat fee for Toll Free dial-in.  Our competitors charge at least $0.08 per minute for dial-in and an additional $0.08 per minute for Toll Free dial-in. This may not seem like much money at a glance. However, consider what that really costs you in the end: 

Company A has a standing weekly meeting with its branch locations. Each meeting has 15 telephone attendees and is held for 45 minutes.  At $0.08 per minute, each meeting costs Company A $54.00. Multiply that by 52 weeks, and that's a yearly cost of $2,808 in addition to the monthly subscription fee. Need that dial-in to be a toll-free number?  Company A’s yearly cost just doubled. With our solution, you get to choose to either use our wideband VOIP audio, or use your phone. Either way, your cost does not change. Add toll-free for a nominal monthly fixed flat fee. 

Company B is a real estate firm that holds a monthly 60-minute webinar for its 500 nationwide agents. On average, historical data has shown 40 percent, or 200 of the agents are unable to attend online, and so instead dial in via the toll free number. The cost of the webinar itself averages $350.00 per month or $4,200.00 per year. Let’s add to that the cost of the 200 agents who dial in toll free—at $0.12 per minute for 60 minutes—and the webinar cost has just soared to $1,440.00 monthly or $17,280 per year. That brings the yearly expense to $21,480. With UCMojo, they would only pay $240.00 per month or $2,880.00 per year. What would you do with an extra $19k?

UCMojo offers all the common features, such as whiteboarding, annotation, secure login, and chat; however, UCMojo powered by Zoom stands out, not only for the video quality, but also because it is the first solution available that offers true iPad/iPhone/Android screen sharing. This allows you to present from your iPad, train users in a new app, or simply cater to the mobile workforce. Other providers, including WebEx and GoToMeeting, cannot match those features, nor is their video quality even close. Not only can you share live video clips in HD quality from all of your devices, but you can do it without having to first upload the information to our servers. Imagine that you want to share something, and it happens to be a video: Just go for it!  Of course, your audio is streamed as well with no uploading required. 

Our written Service Level Agreement (SLA) contains

  • 99.9 percent hardware availability
  • 99.9 percent power availability
  • 99.9 percent data center connectivity
  • Internet latency of 60ms or less
  • Packet loss guarantee of one percent or less
  • Service credits if we fail to meet our service levels
  • An SLA that is brief and simple to understand 

In a nutshell, UCMojo provides the best value with simple pricing, all powered in a private cloud for additional security and redundancy.



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