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Real Customer Examples

A nationwide training center for IBM customers uses this service to deliver training on a daily basis. To quote the CEO of that company: “This has revolutionized how we deliver training as it allows us to deliver it interactively, as a webcast or demand. Our customers are satisfied and our trainers love it as well. It allows us to reach a wider audience while leveraging our training resources more efficiently.” We couldn’t have said it better. A leading global non-profit uses it for global communications and allows boardroom Polycom™ and Microsoft Lync™ and Skype for Business™ users to include staff members around the globe in any combination of IP, Desktop, PC, MAC, tablets, smartphones and, yes, any telephone.

A trade union delivers training to its members and apprentices and holds board meetings using their LifeSize point-to-point videoconferencing units, yet leveraging the built-in multi-point capabilities of our Scopia platform to provide multi-point capabilities and allow desktop and phone participants to join in for an interactive experience. A well-known hotel uses the built-in IP to ISDN capabilities to bring in speakers from across the globe to appear live in front of an audience in their hotel ballroom without ever stepping on a plane or investing in an expensive videoconferencing solution. In short, our solution has facilitated meetings, job interviews, global presentations, university and law firm events, depositions in court, telemedicine applications, distance learning, board meetings—you name it.

Our Scopia Desktop solution allows you to forget about infrastructure, equipment, networks, IT staff and focus on message. We’ll handle the rest. Give us a call!

Video Collaboration Use Cases - Driving Productivity and Results (PDF)