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Our end-to-end security features allow us to offer secure service that even addresses the risks associated with the mobile workforce and BYOD. We monitor our devices, servers, services, and locations continuously 24/7/365, and staff is available on-site and remotely to immediately address any issues and to assist our end users and customers whenever needed.

For data security and continuity of service, we have implemented geographic separation and redundancy—including core switching, virtual firewall stacks, and multi-device cascading—to eliminate any single point of failure.Independent monitoring software and services are set up to monitor individual servers response, running services, bandwidth, general server health, and uptime. Alerts are set up to email, text, and call cell phones of our support team for immediate action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use managed DNS services with at least 19 points of presence worldwide to provide the fastest DNS resolutions possible, allow for DNS redundancy for the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Advanced Firewall Protection

We also employ industrial-strength firewalls to provide at least 5 Gbps throughput via multiple Gbps interfaces and deliver wire-speed firewall performance. Our industry-leading firewall appliances and services feature advanced intrusion protection. We have limited access to any device of core team members and only from additionally-protected devices. Additional physical, logical, and tactical security policies are in place and are constantly being reviewed and refined. We understand that security is a constantly-evolving field which requires constant adaptation and a global mindset. We work in conjunction with our partners Gannett and PDNS and their continuous network monitoring team to identify and protect against intrusions, denial of service and other global security threats.

  • Our Avaya Scopia Pathfinder H.460-compliant secure network address translation (SNAT) and firewall traversal solution is available across all of our platforms and assures security, encryption and access control for H.323 devices.
  • H.460 solves near-end and far-end firewall issues while maintaining existing security issues. This means you should be able to connect to our platforms from your network without having to open firewall ports, re-configure routers, or change your endpoint configurations or implementation (NAT).
  • H.460-compliant means that you can implement, for example, an E.164 Dial-Plan. Forget about dialing IP addresses.
  • It works with hardware and software endpoints from most manufacturers such as Avaya, Polycom, LifeSize, CISCO, Tandberg, Sony, and more.
  • It also works via software client deployed on remote side for legacy systems that do not support H.460.
  • It gets around security concerns from IT and limits their involvement.



Security, Encryption, and Access Control—for Your Protection

Built-in access control via meeting ID, PIN and moderator PIN, AES and SRTP encryption, and client authentication builds multiple levels of security and contributes to peace of mind for end users and administrators. Dedicated server access can be provided and tailored around your specific security or network needs. Prevent unwanted guests and unauthorized users by having built-in security measures such as owner and access PINs, authentication, locked meetings, and HTTPS encryption.

These end-to-end security features allow us to offer a secure service that addresses risks associated with the mobile workforce and BYOD.