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Private Cloud Secure Hosting Services

We deliver our private cloud services over a hardware complex comprised of physical and logical security layers. Partnership with the Gannett Corporation gives us access to a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network with built-in redundancy for secure, mission-critical communication in real time. Gannett’s invitation-only data centers are redundantly distributed among Silver Springs, Maryland; McLean, Virginia; Norcross, Georgia; and Phoenix, Arizona in a core network designed to sustain all kinds of outages that can occur in data centers, power sources, carrier links, servers, and databases, and even due to regional disasters—with no loss of service or data.

This is the level of security and safety we wanted to provide. So we required our cloud hosting platform to be geographically separated across multiple states, and linked via a nationwide fiber-optic network with less than 2ms latency, which Gannet provides. Its network communicates over a full Class C Subnet.

Multi-tenant, redundant, physical, and virtual master-control servers on this network manage multiple load-balanced service and firewall traversal servers. Multiple MCUs, Microsoft Lync Gateways, Pathfinder Firewall Transversal servers, and servers for desktop and mobile participation are located in each geographically-separated Tier 3 data center, connected via fiber-optics and sub 2ms latency. Each facility is connected by fiber rings so that a fiber cut in one location does not affect communication among the components. On the optical ring, latency does not exceed 1ms. Rings regionalized in the East and the West are interconnected via MSP (MPLS, VPLS and IP).