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VNOC Services

Total Managed Videoconferencing

We can help you roll out video communication throughout your organization. Our turnkey management service drives higher usage compliance and increased collaboration to guarantee higher and faster return on your investment (ROI). We even provide training and adoption programs. In short, we can manage every aspect of your videoconferencing systems, or less, as you prefer. We combine solutions into packages with different levels of service, so you can choose your service level. Whether you need remote monitoring of endpoints or a dedicated concierge operator, Global Interactive Solutions can be your go-to team.

 Many of our Total Managed Conferencing solutions are subscription-based with a fixed monthly price, so you never have to face a budget-overage surprise. 

We strive to make videoconferencing experiences as seamless as possible so that executives and managers can be completely confident in their videoconferencing systems. With 24 x 7 service by globally-experienced videoconferencing experts who speak many languages, and have decades of experience with every make and model of VTC equipment and software, we are ready to help you get the best quality video experience every time. 

How do we work?

Assessment and Inventory:  We first assess your videoconferencing assets, including make, model, software version, serial number, connected peripherals, location, site contacts, network information, and setting. 

Testing: Then we test your videoconferencing equipment and upgrade software levels, adjust configurations to maximize audio and video quality, and anything that could potentially affect your videoconferencing quality. Our team assists your IT team in real time to optimize results.

Pre-configuration and optimization:  We check your equipment's readiness to join pre-defined virtual meeting rooms with on-screen quick dial buttons. We also optimize its ability to trigger a videoconferencing call to multiple other sites with the click of a button.

Video Concierge Service:  One of our technicians will set up the call, welcome the participants, confirm proper audio and videoconferencing connectivity and quality, including camera positioning, and then have the customer join the call. The concierge then monitors video call quality and video bridge operation throughout the entire call and is available on demand to assist in real-time. You can schedule your call either via your email program such as Microsoft Outlook, a web browser, or by simply sending us an email. We take care of the rest.

Videoconferencing today is happening not only from corporate boardrooms, but also more and more often from laptops, smartphones and tablets. Our videoconferencing platforms not only support all of those devices but also makes it possible for you to share content from mobile devicesnot just participate from them. This industry-leading capability allows managers on the road to actively steer and control a meeting from their iPad or smartphone.


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