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Video Training and Adoption

This program digs deeper than technical matters to look at communication needs and cultural sensitivities. We systematically address common barriers to adoption while measuring the effect on your return on Investment.
Since 1996 we have helped customers in many cultures achieve ROI and adoption and bring this experience to help you get the results you need. From working with early adopters to in-depth training sessions for all users to making videoconferencing an everyday part of your business, we can develop a project plan for you, and help you to implement it.

Free Your Time to Focus on What Matters Most

Our specialists will work with you to create a customized implementation plan to: 

  • Identify key team members and executives who will play an integral role in the adoption process;
  • Develop a project plan and clear, measurable success metrics so the implementation stays on track;
  • Perform on-site and virtual training sessions tailored to achieve your business goals;
  • Customize promotional materials, including marketing collateral, internal advertisements, user guides, and informational web sites;
  • Provide reports to continually measure adoption, usage, and ROI;
  • Deliver a final project report with quantitative and qualitative metrics relevant to the stated objectives, as well as an assessment of the impact of and recommendations for driving wider adoption in the organization. 

Adoption Phases and Features:
Here are the steps to the adoption process:

Identify and Motivate Executive Sponsors:
Increase awareness of the initiative’s purpose to drive individuals to action and secure executive sponsorship for the implementation and the change management associated with the new process.

Define Success Metrics:
Establish clear, measurable objectives for the adoption program.

Assess Technical Readiness:
Conduct a review of the client's technical readiness to ensure that no technical barriers are present and the internal resources for user account administration are clear.

Assess Cultural Readiness:
Conduct participant interviews to identify potential cultural barriers to end-user adoption and design a process to overcome the barriers.

Identify Participants:
Identify the target group of participants for the adoption program.

Develop a Marketing Communications Plan:
Design a multi-drop marketing communications campaign to motivate users to attend training and use the products. Also incorporate supporting elements, such as posters, door-signs and pocket guides, as needed.

Awareness, Training, and Coaching

We will:

Execute Marketing Communications Plan:
Launch the campaign to raise awareness of the business value these solutions bring and motivate targeted individuals to register for training.

Kick-Off Event:
Conduct online kickoff events led by the executive sponsor to ensure a positive first experience and to highlight the business value of the solution, show executive support, and drive individuals to participate in training.

Live Online Training:
Deliver live training sessions that leverages content from a range of business-focused modules designed to familiarize participants with how to use the products and grasp its business uses. 

One-on-one Coaching:
Give private one-on-one coaching sessions for select individuals to learn additional skills and gain confidence with the systems.

On-Demand Training:
Make available a number of short how-to, on-demand modules throughout the project so trainees can get clarification or a refresher.

On-Going User Support:
Provide email and phone support plus help with meetings throughout the project.

Produce Adoption Report with Business Metrics and Recommendations:
Provide a summary of the project with quantitative and qualitative metrics relevant to the specific project objectives. The report will also include our assessment of the impact of wider adoption in the organization as well as recommendations for driving such adoption.

Telepresence Consulting and Adoption Services Brochure