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VNOC (Video Network Operation Center) Total Management

We’ve done if for multinationals with endpoints spread across the globe, at any time of the day or night, and we can do it for you: manage your video network and endpoints, maintain your equipment and software, support your help desk team, and assure end-user satisfaction in real time so that you and your busy IT staff can focus on what you do best—your core business.

It’s our specialty to do what it takes so that you, as end user, find it simple to handle your videoconferencing and telepresence projects. Our seasoned technicians have hands-on access to equipment like yours, so they can quickly diagnose and correct any problems in your telepresence room. They also have your setups on file and listen with care when you call, so they understand your issues and the systems you're working with.

Our governance systems support and leverage Tandberg™ and CISCO™ products to make the most of their capabilities. For instance, we have configured many a VCS Expressway solution to allow codecs to reach participants or to join calls hosted on our virtual videoconferencing bridge in our private cloud.

About VNOC Managed Video Services