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On-Demand Recording, Playback, and Live Streaming

Stream your meeting to thousands, take questions from the audience, record the event, and make it available both live and on demand, password-protected and secure. You can even create a video-on-demand portal for your own live and on-demand video channel accessible from nearly any device. Our brand new streaming and recording solution is always updated. Because it supports HTML5, Flash™, Silverlight™ and Windows Media Player™, it uses whatever video player is available on your platform automatically and lets you serve Windows, MAC, Apple iOS, and Android platforms seamlessly. We also feature multi-bit rates so that your device automatically makes the most of available bandwidth to get the best available video and audio quality.

How We Make Interactivity Happen


Mac OS X ~ Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 ~ 

Apple iPhone ~ Apple iPad ~ Apple iOS ~ Android


HTML5, Adobe Flash Player, MP4 Format, Microsoft Silverlight

and the streaming and recording platforms that support them all.


Near Real-time Audio, Video, and Data

We operate on one of the largest private networks in the United States with cross connections via fiber links to multiple carrier hotels, assuring uninterrupted low-latency network connectivity to almost anywhere. It allows you to cross connect directly to our core for the ultimate in reliability, quality, and security.

Just pair the new Avaya Scopia Streaming and Recording solution with the fastest content delivery network (CDN) on the planet: Highwinds. Avaya lets us stream to thousands of viewers, but pair it with Highwinds, and we can deliver audio, video, and data content in near real time to the corners of the world and to any device in the best possible quality, with control and security assured.

Highwinds CDN sets the pace among content delivery networks via global data center peering, real-time analytics, complete content control, and massive scalability. Third-party testing tools consistently show Highwinds to be the fastest CDN on the planet. Combined with Avaya’s new playerless streaming and recording solution, Highwinds allows us to stream HD video and content up to 1080p to a near-limitless number of participants worldwide. You get:

  • Lightning-fast global delivery of voice, vdeo, and data,
  • Real-time analytics,
  • Massive scalability,
  • Complete content command, control, and security
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and live support

Avaya Scopia Streaming and Recording - Fact Sheet