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Acoustical Wall Treatments for Quiet

All too often, environmental noise can disturb an otherwise excellent meeting site, whether due to poor wall construction or myriad other causes. If you hear HVAC systems, nearby elevators, restrooms, highways, or airports, acoustical wall treatments offer a low-cost solution to quiet the noise.

Aesthetically pleasing and powerfully sound-absorbing fabric-wrapped acoustical wall panels come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. So you can design an effective sound-control treatment that lends distinction to your conference site. Choose either squared or non-squared edges, as you prefer to suit your decor. It matters not at all whether they are squared, rounded, beveled, or mitered. The functional effect will be the same. 

Global Interactive Solutions has long-term working relationships with several highly-regarded acoustical consultants who can provide expertise to solve your sound issues. We most often recommend that your acoustical panels should be one inch thick and either a square--48 by 48 inches--or a rectangular 48 inches high by 24 inches wide. For installation, we prefer impaling clips over glue or z-clips. Please share this information with your architect and interior designer so they can incorporate it into their base-building construction documents. We have provided links to illustrated product information below. 

Product page: 


http://www.guilfordofmaine.com/patterns/2100 [color samples] 

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels – Technical Data Sheet (PDF) [same as above]

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels – Installation Instructions (PDF) [same as above]