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The System Program Report

GIS HeroBR CORP US web 135Creating this document with clients before starting a project helps to establish precisely what solutions they need and what the project budget will look like, so when the project is completed, the only surprises they encounter will be pleasant ones.

Once we’ve met with a client, either in person or by phone, we review their existing drawings and photographs of the space they've chosen for their new audiovisual systems. We use checklists, but primarily we listen with care. What does the customer want this system to do? What features and functionalities will we need to provide? We prefer to talk to both decision-makers and future end users so we can create a system program report that accurately reflects their vision, and can describe the specific features and services they will need. Our report lays out a draft roadmap and estimated budget for implementation. After the customer has reviewed the draft, we modify it so that our AV design captures all their needs and meets their budget. Then we resubmit it for another review.

Once we’ve captured the spirit of the project and secured customer approval, we proceed to implementation. We create detailed AV system drawings, bill of materials, and time lines and assign project tasks to our team of specialists. If you'd like to see some sample drawings, please see below some excerpts from System Program Reports we produced with clients.

Then we involve other stakeholders in implementation, such as the general contractor, architect, and interior designer, and provide them with base building requirements such as voice, data, power, conduits, and raceways. The AV technicians are often the last to appear on site, since they require the supporting infrastructure to be in place first: By the time we arrive, furniture, carpet, lighting, power, voice, and data infrastructure are ready for us. Even so, from the start we take an active role, verifying that all of their work is proceeding according to plan and that all of our specifications are met—to avoid any costly surprises.

Sample Program Reports