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The Right Floor Boxes

floorboxIMG 1787Your architect, electrical engineer, and electrical contractor will need to know about the kind of floor boxes that will best support your new videoconferencing system. 

Wherever power, data, and AV wiring converge, they must not interfere with each other. All three come into play in videoconferencing systems, so during rough-in or ultimate device installation, we ususally choose the FSR FL-700 floor box. It has separate compartments for power, data, and AV wiring, so each specialist can install their devices without co-mingling with the devices of other specialists. In addition, it keeps standard wall plates from piling up one on top of the other for each function. Typically, we use a separate 1-gang box just for power, another 1-gang for data/voice, and another 3-gang for AV. We particularly like that the AV section has a 3-gang opening and two large conduit entry KO (knock-outs) to accommodate multiple AV cables and connectors. 

We recommend two 1.25-inch raceways to accommodate current and future AV needs at each conference table. For smaller conference rooms, a single 1.25-inch raceway from the 3-gang section stubbed out above the nearest ceiling will be sufficient. The architect or interior designer can select any of the different cover options depending on the floor covering.  

Please give this information to your architect, electrical engineer, and electrical contractor so they can provide and install these floor boxes as part of the base-building contract. They should call us to discuss any questions they may have.  

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