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Acoustical Door Treatments for Privacy

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To enhance speech privacy in presentation spaces, make a small investment in simple acoustical treatments for your solid-core wood doors. This will reduce the likelihood that your videoconferencing and presentations will be heard in the hallways and around the doors. Solutions include:

Door Shoe. It goes along the bottom of the door. Choose either the aluminum finish(6VA) or dark bronze (6VDKB).

Smoke Gasket. It must be in a color that blends with the door frame finish, what we refer to as “5050.”

Threshold for carpet/carpet. Choose the aluminum finish (414) or dark bronze (414DKB).

Threshold for hard surface/carpet. Choose the aluminum finish (417) or dark bronze (417DKB).

We recommend solid core conference room doors with batt insulation that loosely, but completely, fills the space between the doors and their frames (rough openings). In addition, caulk the frames to the sheetrock walls, inside and out, around their entire perimeter to block noise flanking paths.