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AV System Design Drawings

Once you sign off on the plans for your new videoconferencing system as described in the System Program Report, we take action on your approval and produce construction-ready drawings. A typical set will include: 

  • AV-00 Title Sheet, which shows project team contact information, the overall building floor plate, a listing of sheet titles included in the set, a key to symbols used, and other high-level information; 
  • AV-01 Pictorial Plan, indicating locations of all significant AV system devices, such as microphones, loudspeakers, portable or wall-mounted control panels, AV system equipment cabinets, base-building furniture and fixtures, lighting upgrades and recommendations, acoustical treatments, window treatments, specialized finishes, and any additional upgrades and recommendations, all displayed in one glance to give you an overview of how the AV systems will be integrated into the room;
  • AV-02 Reflective Ceiling Plan (RCP), which details specific ceiling-mounted devices, such as lighting, loudspeakers, microphones, recessed projection screens, and HVAC units. This plan indicates coverage areas of microphones and loudspeakers and confirms that there are no conflicts among devices;    
  • AV-03 Sections and Elevations, which indicates equipment locations and details to facilitate coordination with other specialists involved in preparing the site; 
  • AV-04 Sections and Elevations, which provides additional details so the owner can see a close approximation of how the finished space will look;   
  • AV-05 Wall Blocking, for any wall-mounted devices such as flat-panel display, wall-mounted equipment cabinet(s), or wall-mounted cameras;   
  • AV-06 Floor, with raceway, cable fills, symbols, and other floor-level details;
  • AV-06 Wall, with raceway, cable fills, symbols, and other wall-surface details;  
  • AV-07 Ceiling, with raceway, cable fills, symbols and other ceiling-level details; 
  • AV-08 Details, for acoustical treatments such as wall panels, specialized door hardware, and recommendations for HVAC modifications. 

Sample Drawing

Apollo El Segundo AV Base Bldg 600dpi



Sample Floor Plans