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Connect every person and every meeting room in your organization to Lifesize Cloud

Every person and every meeting room in your organization deserves to be video-enabled with the best communication tool available, Lifesize Cloud.

The benefits of giving everyone and every room in your organization a Lifesize Cloud account are enormous. For employees, because everyone is in the shared directory, not just a select group of people, you’re all connected at all times, making collaboration quick and easy and boosting productivity. For admins, there’s no need to allocate and track individual utilization—we do that for you!

With the Enterprise Subscription Plan, you get access to exclusive features like unlimited virtual meeting rooms, a preset number of hours of Lifesize Cloud Amplify, our recording and sharing solution, SSO (Single Sign-on) and many more. You also gain access to Lifesize Cloud Extreme Support, which provides you with a dedicated Customer Obsession Team, a financially backed service level agreement and 24/7/365 support.

Who is it ideal for?
It is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global businesses, that want to enable all of their employees with the most powerful communication and collaboration tool available. 

How does it work?
Contact your local Lifesize Sales Representative, who will provide a quote based on your total number of employees. 

What is so great about this plan? 
Now every employee gets Lifesize Cloud on their laptop, tablet and smartphone, and every meeting room gets our award-winning video systems connected to Lifesize Cloud.