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Avaya H175

Video Collaboration Station 

This unique touchscreen device delivers high-quality voice calls, full high-definition video collaboration, and access to key productivity-enhancing capabilities like presence, a synchronized calendar, and synchronized contacts. Solidly built, elegantly designed, and ready to support the way your customers work, the H175 helps drive team engagement throughout an organization.

The advanced H.264 High Profile video engine, detachable high-definition 1080p camera, flexible HDMI inputs and outputs, along with wideband audio subsystem makes it quick and easy to create a smooth personal engagement environment, or create a small “huddle” meeting station with the H175.

Extensive connectivity offers convenience for both the user and the administrator. The Avaya H175 Video Collaboration Station has built-in WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, plus an additional network outlet for a co-located PC that simplifies deployment and lowers costs. 

Video output from a PC or laptop connects to the video input port on H175, and the monitor connects to the video output. When no video call is active, the PC desktop is displayed on the monitor. When a video call is active, the user can choose what to display on the monitor: 

      1. The PC desktop only,
      2. The video from the video call only (as on the previous slide),
      3. Or both, with the video from the call display like a “picture in picture” on a television.

We all know the nightmare scenario: It’s your turn to present your slides, but first you have to find wires to connect your laptop to the video conferencing system. You pull wires out of your colleague’s laptop, test to see if your show projects on the display and to the audience, and then hope for the best. No more nightmares. Avaya Scopia users now have the ability to wirelessly present from their laptop—either PC or Mac–with Avaya Screen Link. 

Just enter a conference room that has a Scopia room system, and your laptop will automatically pair with the system using sonic recognition technology.  Anyone can present in a video meeting directly from their laptop without the need to locate and connect clumsy wires, configure their PC’s video output resolution, and fumble with the proper video-out key sequence on their PC. 

In a Scopia-enabled video meeting room, your presentation is transmitted wirelessly from your desktop to the Scopia room system. Oh, and this capability exists whether you are in a video conference or not. Think of the value of being able to use high-resolution displays to show content in a conference room–whether to the people sitting in the room with you or to everyone on a video call. Simple. And pretty cool.