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Private Digital Network Services

Providing National Private Cloud Solutions (PDNS)—their name says it all. The PDNS credo is to provide cloud solutions that far exceed broadband. We have found them to be an extremely reliable and customer-focused organization that has allowed us to serve users in mission-critical situations, users such as emergency responders. As members of the Cloud Security Alliance, they also assist us with core networking, security implementations, and support. They provide us with Infrastructure/Platform as a Service (I/PaaS) solutions that have become the mainstay of some of our operations. 

Private Digital Network Services (PDNS) was founded on the premise of cooperatively developing an ecosystems of industry-leading solution providers invited to leverage the vast resources and reach of the nationally-recognized Gannett Corporation’s Private Digital Network (PDN). Private Digital Network Services sprang from the desire to extend the PDN to partners in a cooperative services model. PDNS developed a joint services agreement and Infrastructure/Platform as a Service (I/PaaS) offering in cooperation with Gannett and has invited several leading organizations into the ecosystem to form a complete portfolio of secure, scalable, and reliable private cloud solutions. GIS is the primary unified collaborations solutions partner in this ecosystem, a relationship managed under a cooperative services agreement with PDNS. The Gannett Corporation is one of the largest, most geographically diverse local content providers in the United States via television, print, and digital publishing. We are able to make use of their state-of-the-art, nationwide backbone network, facilities, services, and global monitoring solutions and 24/7/365 network operations team.